HVMC Mid-winter Dinner
Our club Mid-winter dinner this year was held on Saturday 15th July at Western House Tiro Tiro Road Levin. A large group of club members and spouses and partners attended and all enjoyed a lovely meal and a great catchup.
Our guest speaker this year was Audrey Garratt who gave an account of her two years on a VSA assignment in Zim-babwe and how she coped with time away from her husband Bruce.
From 2002-2004, she pursued a childhood dream to live in Africa by making her home in Mutare in Zimbabwe’s eastern highlands near the Mozambique border. An art teacher, she was assigned to open an art department in Mutare Polytechnic, to write courses and train art teachers. It was a troubled time in Zimbabwe’s history and Audrey was often the country’s sole VSA volunteer.
Audrey has written about the experience in her recent book, Two Years Apart – A Volunteer Assignment in Africa. Two Years Apart chronicles bag snatches, road accidents, police interrogations and other adventures. She decided to write the book after bowel cancer in 2013. Urgent surgery led to a long convalescence when she drew on diaries, emails home and photo records to pen her account.
Bruce visited once while she was in Zimbabwe, enjoying a taste of life in Africa and travelling overland down to Pretoria to watch an All Blacks Test against the Springboks. Now both retired, Audrey spoke also of the consequence of their time apart.
Everyone enjoyed her presentation as evidenced by the many questions and comments afterward her talk.
Thankyou Audrey.
Rick Goodman was also asked to give an impromptu update on Transmission Gully and as always Rick presented in his efficient and at times humorous way which everyone enjoys. Ricks presentation was of course well received.
The highlight of the evening was the announcement and presentation of the Committee Trophy for the 2016/2017 year. This year’s recipient was Deirdre MacInnes partner of Alan Mayo. Deirdre is one of our many hard working partners and wives of club members without whom the club wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Deirdre is always seen at shows and when we are hosting visiting clubs around our sheds preparing and providing sustenance to everyone with her cherry smile. She also helps us keep Alan in order.
She was completely surprised when her award was presented to her at the dinner. Well done too to Brian Davis who as club cap-tain called her up in front of everyone on false pretences so he could present the award to her.
Well done and well deserved Deirdre.